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Quotes About Grady Nichols

“Grady is an absolute pro and super talented musician. I found him to be open minded and eager to push the envelope. For that, I believe the end result is a fresh take on the modern jazz genre.” — Zac Maloy

“Grady Nichols is the awesome new sax player for the millennium.” — Jeff Lorber

“This guy is really young. He’s really positive and he’s got maturity way beyond his years. His tone…his delivery…everything about him. There are a lot of guys out there with chops. Grady uses the chops to get to his heart and from his heart it gets to you.” — Bill Champlin, Lead Vocals for Chicago

“Most likely to spearhead the next generation of great smooth artists.” — Jonathan Widran, Jazziz magazine

“Nichols main asset thus far is his superb playing. While there’s plenty of generic sax stuff out there, Nichols is able to make a thoroughly modern smooth jazz CD without sounding derivative. That’s an accomplishment.” — Brian Soergel, smoothvibes.com

“Grady Nichols’ technical mastery of the saxophone is only surpassed by his emotional mastery of his instrument. He can evoke just the right emotion for any of his songs without making you feel manipulated or that the feeling is contrived.” — Derek Winterburg, TheSmoothJazzSite.com

“Nichols is an exceptional sax player, he plays with passion and feeling. It’s the conviction with which he plays which makes this CD [In The Fullness of Time] such as absolute joy to listen to.” — The Review Revue , blog posted by Perplexio

“melodic-yet-muscular sound…” –Lucy Tauss, Jazz Times

“The Tulsa based saxman may have been one of the least known performers on the bill at the Newport Beach Jazz Festival, but his appearance with some of the top saxmen in the genre confirms his emerging status as a star on the rise.” –Smooth Jazz News

“As a promoter, it’s simple: I need to pair legendary artists with artists that can complement and work well with them. Grady has always delivered for me and his appeal is so universal that I can put him with everyone from Jay Leno and The Temptations to Peter Cetera and Luciano Pavarotti and know the show is going to be everything it needs to be and more.” –Johnny Buschardt, Concert Promoter, Road Work Entertainment


About Take Me With You:

” The Oklahoma saxophonist returns with another strong effort.” — Brian Soergel, Smooth Vibes

“Nichols latest offering is the eclectic ‘Take Me With You’ which looks set to cement his position as one of the best young saxophonists around. It includes notable contributions from Jeff Lorber and is, in every respect, the real contemporary jazz deal.” — Denis Poole, Smooth Jazz Therapy


About Sophistication:

“The title says it all…Sophistication. This indeed is a sophisticated, polished, impeccably produced and performed Smooth Jazz sax album! It sounds like someone who’s been around a long time, is totally comfortable with the music, and has surrounded himself with some of the best in the biz like Jeff Lorber, as well as Christ Botti, A. Ray Fuller and Paul Brown.” — Scott O-Brien, Smooth Jazz.com

“The dude has skills. They’re well displayed on Sophistication and with this release, Nichols is making a serious bid for wider audience appreciation. He deserves it too.” — Jeff Winbush, Jazz Review.com

“Much like the singer in the Godfather who was taken in and propelled to stardom by the Corleone family, Grady Nichols can hardly go wrong having been taken under the wing of the Godfather of the smooth jazz mafia, Jeff Lorber himself. Lorber’s presence seems to facilitate the smooth sax Nichols delivers with such subtlety and class.” — JazzUSA.com

“Saxophonist Grady Nichols exhibits a melodic, easy going smooth-jazz sound on Sophistication. ” — Lucy Tauss,Jazz Times

“One of the hottest rising stars in Smooth Jazz….Grady’s got the goods! Grady Nichols is fast becoming a name to watch” — Mark Sanford, KOAI Dallas

“[Sophistication] remains seductively and quietly funky throughout. Sensual grooves permeate….” — Soulbrother.com


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